Celebrity Spotlight: Rhonda Britten

Rhonda Britten is the author of the bestselling books “Fearless Living” (translated into 12 languages) and her latest, “Fearless Loving: 8 Simple Truths That Will Change the Way You Date, Mate and Relate.”

photo.brittenAs the founder of the Fearless Living Institute, she holds public workshops, faciliates in corporations and trains Coaches to become experts in fear. On TV she is the Life Doctor on a reality show called, “Help Me Rhonda” in the UK and is a regular on the Montel Williams Show in the US. Rhonda has been profiled in magazines, newspapers and on radio worldwide. For more information: visit: www.FearlessLiving.org

1. Tell us about a time when you were in fear about your creative career journey and you didn’t think it would go anywhere…

Pre-Fearless Living there were many times I felt like I was spinning my Wheels and not getting anywhere. I questioned every decision I made and every step I took. Since creating the Fearless Living Program, fear no longer holds me back instead it has become an affirmation of my growth. When fear arises, now I just acknowledge myself for risking and risk! I no longer have a gigantic debate with myself about “why” I am doing something. I just do it and know that it will lead me somewhere if I listen closely to the voice of freedom.

2. Tell us about a time when you were feeling confident about your creative career journey and you absolutely knew you were going to be okay….

cover_fearlesslovingAlmost daily I have an opportunity to practice being true to myself and having trust in my path. Yesterday my literary agent left and went to another agency. Trust! The day before I received a contract from a TV show I am excited about but the contract asked for things I couldn’t give. Trust! My Office Manager gave her notice last week. Trust! Sometimes I don’t know what to write…but I write anyway. Trust! 

I have an underlying belief that if I stay true to my path while being true to myself, the greatest good will transpire. So do I question, sure…but never for long. I know the truth. We are all on a path that will lead us to discovery who we really are. We don’t have to force it or wake up or push it. It is happening whether we know it or not. We must just keep walking. And the process itself builds my faith, confidence and contiinues to give me the courage to do what I must do without complaint, excuses or regret. Basically, when you are in freedom there is no such thing as a writers block or a “wrong” choice.

3. How did you discover your passion?

My passion discovered me and I was just awake enough to listen and catch it. I have a saying, “Invest in the life you have to get the life you want.” And I invested…in everything. And finally, one day my investment matched my purpose and my passion was ignited. I am a passionate person because I have discovered that I do have value and am worthwhile therefore, I give myself permission moment-by-moment to share myself without attaching to whether others agree with me. When you share yourself each moment, passion is inevitable.