“Tama listens from the heart and gets to the heart of the matter right away. She has a gift for hearing the question beneath your question and drawing out your real direction.”

Would you like a nurturing, compassionate, and fierce advocate for your authentic self-expression in this life? Tama offers one hour coaching sessions by phone or in person. “My purpose is to help you get in touch with your own Brilliant Inner Voice and discover your natural desires and direction,” she says. “I hold a vision with you. And together, we bring it into being.” With years of coaching experience behind her, and years of walking her own path, Tama has honed her gift of intuitive listening and guidance. And she brings her keen intelligence, enthusiasm, humor and love, to every session.

Life Coaching Video

Transformational Work/Life Coaching
“Working with Tama is like leaving the corporate world and
walking through this door into a lush garden.”

Live and work from the richness of your heart. Listen to the brilliant, creative self beneath your fears, the inspired self that knows the way to freedom, fullness, and financial comfort. Step into the larger life of living your calling. Destiny works in your favor, when you do.

Visionary Leadership Coaching
“I love working with someone so sharp. I feel like I don’t have to
spend a lot of time explaining things. And Tama’s creativity just
gets mine going even more.”

Partnering with you to realize your true leadership. Act from vision instead of fear, habit, or convention. Inspire yourself. Inspire those around you. Take your intelligence and creativity to new levels of expression. Great leaders benefit from a safe and synergistic space to think and dream out loud.

Creativity and Book Coaching
“Tama makes it all feel possible. She helps me get in touch with
what I’m really trying to do and then she helps me find my own
best way of doing it.”

Many creative people find themselves inspired in one moment, and muddled in the next. A creative endeavor is a journey like no other. Together we can work towards capturing the essence of what you are called to do. And from a place of vision, we can turn your huge or amorphous project into graceful, targeted steps. Why stay stuck or lost? Your brilliance is just a moment away.

A Course in Miracles®
“Tama has helped me to listen to my Inner Voice and learn to be
more self-loving. Her dedication to her own path is amazing.”

Turn transition into vision and pain into a pathway to freedom. Discover your own inner teacher and loving advocate. Love the life you have before you. Your mindset begets your world. Love has another way to live.

E-Course: Create the Work You Love!
“Your compassionate, humane and creative approach to following one’s dreams
is just what I needed!”

–July E-Course Participant

The 12-week “Creating the Work You Love” E-Course shares some of Tama’s best strategies to keep you focused, excited, and moving towards what moves you. Beautifully written and well thought out, this course is the next best thing to coaching with Tama herself. This course is only $95.00, a little under $8.00 a week. It begins on the first Tuesday of every other month. Download more information or go to the “Shop On-Line” section of our website for more details or to sign up.

E-Course: A Course in TRUST

The 8-week “Course in Trust” E-Course is an inner pilgrimage on building self-trust, trust of the Universe, trust in your life, trust in your instincts, and trust of the bad and good times. Using 8 lessons inspired by A Course in Miracles, enjoy a choice of fun and revealing journaling exercises, a weekly audio meditation, and other creative explorations into the greatest resource in your life. Experience:
*the end of self-doubt
*knowing what to do in every moment
*loving yourself and others-like never before
*and much more
Download more information or go to the “Shop On-Line” section of our website for more details or to sign up.

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