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“If you’re this successful doing the work you don’t love, what could you do with work you do love?”

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Tama Kieves, a sought-after alternative career coach, has first-hand experience of the career transition through her own courageous career change. Tama, an honors graduate of Harvard Law School, left her law practice with a large corporate law firm to write and to embolden others to live and breathe their most meaningful self-expression.  She is the best-selling author of THIS TIME I DANCE! Trusting the Journey of Creating the Work You Love/ How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All!(Tarcher/Penguin). As a dynamic life/work, creativity, and alternative career coach, she does individual career coaching and leads workshops / retreats around the country on Creating the Work You Love.

Meet Tama Kieves

Career Change Coaching

Are you in a career transition? Are you aching to discover work that expresses your true self, yet day after day you work hard to keep the job that kills you instead? Do you even know what your passion is? Are you afraid to take that first step? Are you ready to discover the courage to make it happen? Do you need support to stay motivated for your career transition? Do you doubt your dreams?

As an alternative career coach, Tama has guided others to live the life they were meant to live. With more than a decade of coaching experience behind her, and years of walking her own path, Tama has honed her gift of intuitive listening and guidance. She brings her keen intelligence, enthusiasm, humor and love, to every session.

Tama does one-on-one career coaching in person or on-the-phone to meet your individual situation.

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The Ultimate Career Change Book

Tama Kieves has first hand experience of the career change process through her own amazing journey and through coaching others who have dared to pursue their dreams. She describes her personal journey in her book, THIS TIME I DANCE! Trusting the Journey of Creating the Work You LoveHow One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All! (Tarcher/Penguin). This book was selected as a Finalist for the national Nautilus Book award.

In THIS TIME I DANCE!, you’ll find the inspiring story of how one Harvard lawyer left her corporate life to discover her buried creative self and develop the livelihood that stirred her soul and paid the bills. If you’ve ever wanted your own personal mentor, champion of your wildest dreams-your support system has arrived in alternative career coach–Tama Kieves.

Rather than just remind us why we need to follow our bliss, Tama goes the full distance to support us while we do it, coaching us every step of the way. With warmth, realness, and humor, she explores the fears and doubts that often assault us in a career change. And through her personal and practical stories of overcoming insecurities, she’ll guide you to discover and trust the unparalleled power of your own true work in this world.

“Your book essentially changed my perspective on my life.  I realize that reading your book was actually a defining and pivotal moment for me.” T.N.

“I was so moved and excited with the connection I felt while I was reading your book that I have dared to step into the process of living my dream.” D.C.

“I have devoured books on discovering your passion but nothing has moved me as much as this book. I LOVED it and it spoke volumes to me about my own situation.” L.L

“Your book gave me the courage to create and grow my business.” N.M.

TTIDsoft“Take up your love, your desire to express world beauty or bone wisdom, to cherish potential or devise and promote that better way. A universal intelligence has gifted you with a whispering wish not to question, mock, or dilute, but to give your life to–and be given life in return.”

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Career Change Online Course

Do you ever feel like you’re too busy to focus on what you really want to do with your life? Or do you have a hard time staying confident and motivated?

Create the Work You Love Home Study Course:
Dedicate one hour a week to creating your dreams with this 12-week, on-line, home study course. For about $6.00 a week, the course is designed to help you coach yourself into finding your own path, purpose, and way. It’s self paced so there is no need to be anywhere at a certain time. Every Tuesday morning you will receive an email that includes:

A specially designed motivational lesson
A power-packed assignment
A 5 minute audio daily meditation, specially designed for the week’s lesson

You will also be able to join an on-line support community via our “students only” message board. Tama herself will join the discussion periodically and offer her coaching on some of the situations that arise.

“For me, this course made magic happen!” T.S.

“I want you to know I hit a breakthrough. The weekly sessions helped me move forward with my dreams, but in ways I had not even anticipated.” J.J.

“Thank you for your wonderful e-course. Your compassionate, humane, and creative approach to following one’s dreams is just what I needed.” J. S.
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Career Change Online Newsletter

Subscribe to Tama’s free bi-monthly E-Zine, Trusting the Journey Times, where she shares inspiration and advice to continue your own career change.

“This newsletter is just brilliant!” A.C.

“I deeply look forward to each piece you send out.” H.L.

“Thanks for inspiring me to live life more fully and intentionally. I am always so inspired by the messages you share.” C.R.
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Career Change Workshops and Retreats

Tama facilitates workshops and retreats around the country on Trusting the Journey of Creating the Work You Love, based on her life-experience and years of coaching others to discover their calling.

It’s time to live from inspiration instead of fear, vision instead of convention. Learn how to let go of fears and blocks and take your creativity, power, and true expression into the world. Your greatest strengths come easy. Meet with other passionate and creative minds and explore how to stay focused on what you really want, how to get clear about what you want, and how to stay true to a path with no lines and no limits.

Career Change Online Forum

Join our on-line discussion today! This is a forum to share the career change with others, ask questions, share your fears and findings and offer your insight, support and love to all the friends who gather here.

Career Change Groups

Share your career change with others! Join a THIS TIME I DANCE! group in your area or begin one of your own! It’s a great way to find support for your journey, whether you’re just beginning or have been on the path for a while.

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