Your True Passion Has a Place in the World: Guaranteed.

diamond(Hey, if you wander away from reading this, don’t miss my invitation at the end!)

 Do you long to find your true place in this world? Then don’t just look for a job. Look for your diamonds.

Trying to figure out your calling or career based on what you see “out there?” Please don’t design yourself around the existing, dying, passing world. Worship your interests. Hone your gifts. Slide into your mission, even when your mission doesn’t have a name, a business card, or a previous place in history. The world will flock to love. The world will design itself around genius. It always has. It always will. Purity radiates value and vibration and compels attention.

The aliveness in you is the next iteration of what is needed in the world.

Living your dreams isn’t about fitting in to the known world. It’s about fitting in to your skin. Once you start accepting who you are and what you want to give, you can’t help but shine. Shine– and the world will fall over its feet to make a place for you. Nothing is holding you back. There is a path within you, a sacred cord, a blueprint, a code. This isn’t wishful thinking. This isn’t a parlor game. This is what you came here for. The steps emerge when you stop needing to see them in order to accept what you know.

Go ahead and try the assessment tests, the programs, and the promises of the world. Nothing will match your hunger. Nothing will provide what you already have.

You have powers and promise. You will have every opportunity to do what you are meant to do. But nothing shows up, until you do.

Stop deciding what is plausible. Stop evaluating what you would need to do to make this happen. Get out of the way. Simply serve the love and spark within you, no matter what it asks. If you are to walk on beaches, walk on beaches. If you are to build an empire, build an empire. If you are to nap on your couch, and then sing on top of a mountain only to be overheard by an agent aching for new talent, then nap on your couch. Listen to the instinct without any value judgments. Let spirit lead how spirit leads, not how your brain leads. This is a different path and paradigm. This is an immersion. This is a reunion. This is an undoing of all your sad ideas. This is coming home. And it’s not avoidance. Or haphazard and inane. It’s the right use of all of your intelligence and strength.

Don’t look for a label or a limitation. Look for your diamonds. What sparkles for you at this moment? Trust me on this one. The world has infinite opportunities for the infinite in you.

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