Your Next Step in Career Transition: Stop Taking Steps

So many people want to take the “next steps” to figure out their dreams or march them into the market place.  By the time they talk to me as a career coach, they’re hoping I can be their genie. If not, they’ll settle for a drill sergeant. They can’t wait for me to whip out a ten step guaranteed superhighway to everything they’ve ever wanted.  But really, I want to hand them a box of tissues and a journal.
Because your next step might be to cry.
If you don’t know the next step to take toward your dream, or you’re not taking it, the chances are, your next step isn’t an action step forward.  It’s not a traditional step. It’s more like removing the concrete that’s sitting on your heart.  Believe me, you’ll find it a hell of a lot easier to get things done once your blood is flowing again.
It’s not a matter of taking action, but one of taking stock.
You may need to undo a block you have. You might have to change a belief. I’ll give you an example. What’s the point in writing a screenplay –if you have beliefs that are telling you you’re no good, you’re going to fail, this is frivolous and embarrassing. You’ll drag your feet writing. Or you’ll bring deep sadness to the desk.  You’ll feel even more incompetent and helpless. Your work might not be to dive into your work yet. Your work may be to give yourself permission to play, to explore, and to believe in the love within you that can do all things. Your work may be to cultivate a beautiful relationship with yourself in which you learn to trust your ideas. Let me tell you something, if you have that, you’ll fly. So much of doing the work you love, is learning how to love yourself enough to trust your own heart and soul.
Yes, sometimes writing the screenplay will help you get past the blocks, find a talent or energy that carries you. But sometimes old beliefs are too much in the way.  They’re sitting on your dreams.  They’re yelling.  They are mischievous children throwing food at the wall. Actually, they are trying to get your attention. They want to be set right. They want to be healed. They want your blessings. They want your medicine.  The pain is the indication that you are not thinking in a way that supports and serves you. And I promise you this, once you start thinking in a new way, you’ll start taking new actions. They won’t be empty actions, going through the motions. They will be guided and inspired, coming from integrity and excitement. And that’s what can make all your dreams come true.
What belief would you like to change?