What You Dream of Doing—Others Dream You Will Do

Recently I led my “Unleashing Your Calling: Create the Work and Life You Love” retreat at the Shambhala Mountain Center, a gorgeous Buddhist retreat center, in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. Let me tell you, it’s an amazing experience to be surrounded by a circle of creative and entrepreneurial souls, exploring their lives together, stepping into freedom together, taking off the clothes of the world, and glistening in the real truth of their love. It is absolutely precious to take a group of strangers and turn them into heart family, co-pilgrims, co-creators, dream-holders, shamans and worshippers of their own true heart beat. Sometimes, as the facilitator, the ring leader of this fierce magic, it is crazy astounding to take in this much good.

Many of the retreat people have come because they read This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love. I sometimes secretly look around the room in awe. I wrote a book, and it gave birth to this life. I struggled with writing This Time I Dance! for years. On the ragged days of self-doubt, I’d ask myself: do we really need one more book in the world? Do we really need one more self-help book in the world?

Now, people all over the country show me copies of my book, their beloved possession. It is underlined and starred, worn with multiple readings. They tell me about things they’ve done because they read the book. They tell me about being kinder to themselves, or believing for another day in their own heart’s desire and sacred journey. One woman told me recently that a friend of hers read my book again and again before she died of cancer. “She called you her angel,” said the woman, because she found the strength in your book to believe in herself no matter what she was going through. I try to act like a professional, smile, and thank her. I want to kneel and cry.

Beholding the eclectic, shining, creative, intelligent participants on this retreat, as they discover their deepest desires or lock in the courage to chase their light, is humbling and exhilarating at the same time. I watch them softening towards themselves, and strengthening with each other. As I keep looking around the room, I find myself remembering a quote by the poet Rumi. “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They were in each other all along.” It’s obvious to me the members of this retreat, including me, were in each other all along.

I now believe that the part of me that needed to write This Time I Dance! was answering a call, not only from my own soul, but from the souls of others. I have long seen that participants that come to my workshops and retreats do not find me by accident, even if they “found me by accident.” I know the dreams coming to life at this retreat, are birthed not only by the dreamers, but by those who need them. I see a long line of souls with fluttering hearts and bright eyes. They are waiting for those dreams, and your dreams, too: the creations, organizations, classes, songs, books, healings that will give them fire, wings, sustenance—what they need. We are all interconnected waiting for each other, saving each other as we simply save ourselves. What you dream of doing, someone else is hoping, sometimes praying and dreaming, someone like you will do. Yes, it can sound outrageous or sticky sweet like cotton candy. But it’s manna from heaven and it’s true. You will make a difference that makes all the difference to someone else, like no one else ever can, simply by living your dreams.

I’d love to hear from you in your comments: Hey, and readers, let’s hold great energy around these comments, and around each other’s dreams and journey!

Also, come share the next retreat with me! I’m at the beautiful, healing Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, in upstate NY, (just 90 minutes from NYC) Aug 13-15. Here’s the link for that retreat:

My love to all of you.