What if I’ve waited too long to pursue my dreams?

What if I’m too old? Maybe I’ve waited too long to pursue my dreams, they confess. When people ask me if they are too old, if they’ve wasted too much time, I want to take their pulse. Oh good, you’re still alive. Do this one true thing, or you will decay. You will abandon your present guidance. You will rip up your ticket to life, and you will die, not only to this possibility– but to many others as well.
I do understand the question. Sure, part of me wishes I’d taken my dreams more seriously when I had bionic strength, the power to stay up all night, and show up like a Gerber daisy the next day fresh with dew drops. I could have run around the country doing this work with audacity. Then again, I, the self I am now, would not have been there. I may have had bionic strength, but I would not have had the spacious soul I now have, or the tender fierce perspective I have of myself and others, that has come to me through overcoming pain.
I don’t believe in misaligned timing. I believe timing is a reflection of my state of mind. Things don’t take time. They take healing. They take the feeling of expansiveness. Wake up and throw off the husks and shells of cardboard stories you tell yourself. Step out of linear time. Step into the sumptuous dimension of self-love.  You can begin now. When I say that, I don’t just mean you can stand at the bottom of the hill and wait your turn. I mean you can experience results immediately, the moment you begin in earnest.  Your true walk creates the remembrance of your true energy. When you’re inspired, the world breaks its own rules to throw roses at your feet.
You can begin now. Of course, the limited part of you will want to hold you to a straight story line in linear time. It tells you that things take years. Your true life takes an instant, just an instant of willingness. Will you give yourself this possibility right now?
Pay attention. Some part of you wants to agonize over the past. It wants to bemoan the future. It wants to pull up a stool at the bar, take a drink, tell a tale, and obliterate the present, the portal to everything you desire.  But I invite you to leave timing behind. The Universe is not limited by your lack of credentials or experience, only by your lack of willingness to begin now. So, dear one, can you give yourself this chance? Beginning now you have enough time. You have more than enough time. This is your time. This is the moment one story stops and another starts.  This can be that moment.
What stops you from beginning now? Share it with us, in this sacred space, and we can help transmute it!