What I Want the World to Know

I keep thinking about this blog thing. Everybody’s doing it. But a lot of people bought mood rings or Britney Spears CDs, too, need I say more? So why do Iwant to blog?  Do I want attention for my work?  Yes, I do. Because I want to be the kind of voice you might not hear from in the current mainstream media. I represent those of us who are choosing another way to approach our lives, to look deeper and live more consciously. I am here to broadcast that an inspired life is not a frivolous, unrealistic pursuit, but the coming of a new way and world.

I want the world to know that you can create the work you love and get paid well for it.

I want everyone to know that our minds are the most beautiful and powerful machines on the planet and most of us are using them to destroy and exhaust ourselves with limited perspectives. These perspectives are warped, still, our natural brilliance does not thrive in their midst.

I want people to know that it’s not reckless to believe in a Loving Meaningful Intelligence in this Universe that can and does support you, but that it’s reckless not to.

I want to walk this out loud into the world consistently, even when I’m not in the mood, even when I’m not in “bliss,” following my bliss.

I want you to know that it’s safe to trust your deepest desires and that everything good will come from following everything you really are.

I want others to know that there are success stories that are not on the nightly news or in People magazine because they are unconventional, feats of the spirit, and a in a world obsessed with flashy fame and immediate gratification, commitment, process, tender victories and flourishing souls– often go unrecognized.

I want people to know about the miracles of choice–and that there is another way to live here. I want people to know that everything they are experiencing right now can be experienced through inspired eyes which would make them weep with gratitude and plentitude.

I want others  to know this whole world is changing and that I am one of the people who are about the business of changing it, by discovering my own sacred potential, my own capacity for healing and largesse, my own willingness to move forward and do what I can every day that I can.  So yeah, I guess I do want attention for my work, for this work.