Top 5 Reasons to Do Whatever It Takes and get to The Omega Institute on 7/22-24 for Unleash Your Calling: Create the Work and Life you Love with Tama Kieves

omega“Tama Kieves is the real deal!”— Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder of Agape International (and one of the featured experts in ‘The Secret’)

“I loved This Time I Dance! Create the Work You Love so much that I was afraid to meet Tama, afraid she wouldn’t be as inspiring and real as she was in the book. I never thought it possible. But she’s MORE alive, inspiring, smart, and just mind blowing. So grateful for this weekend!” — Julie Johnson, a retreat participant


1.   Researchers show that your brain wave activity changes in group meditation.  Come to a retreat with Tama, and your brain waves will fry eggs and launch rockets and write screen plays and heal cancer and incite world peace.  Or you’ll just be really clear about your true work, your sparkling life and resources, and your immediate do-able next steps.

2. You can have a quantum leap in your life!  You can read self helpbooks alone in your room again (with your tired mind) or you can spend more intimate time with Tama and soak up the magic vibes of a creative focused interactive group —and fire up unstoppable strength, discover your true passion, and your own joy-filled, singular strategy for success in a weekend.

3.  Get a break from your life and routines, eat delicious healthy food, walk along a trail, take a row boat out on the lake, laugh your head off at Tama’s retreat, meet new bold, intelligent, fun, passionate, soul-inspired people, get a spa treatment, take a yoga class, and undo years of stress.  See the stars at night.  Feel bright.

4.  You know the voice in your head that says “You won’t ever get anywhere with your dreams, it won’t pay the bills, you won’t follow through, or that this will be like every other workshop?”  What if it’s wrong?  What if it’s not being “realistic,” but devastatingly limited? What if you’re allowing a voice of disempowerment and disillusionment to make the most important decisions of your life?  Woops!  Better see if there’s still space.

5. Now picture yourself on Monday— having had a weekend that that was a bridge from one life to another.  Who will you be after all that love, world-class coaching, fun, laughter, support and exercises specifically designed to unlock the brilliance in you, (exercises and time-tested strategies in which thousands of others have had breakthroughs) not to mention the new friends, connections, and support system you’ll be taking home with you?

Register now.  Space is filling.  That’s not a ploy, just the reality.  Last year Omega sold out space on their campus because of Tama’s workshop and others.  Besides the sooner you register, the sooner the joy, discovery and miracles begin.  Please share this with someone you love.  You can’t imagine how much it might help them, or someone they know.

Says Tama:  “I’m hoping this is your time to join me. I want you to step into the life that’s calling you. I believe in your dreams. And I believe in your strength more than your fear.”

P.S. Tama only has 2 retreats left this year: this one at Omega and Unleash Your Calling: An Intensive to Create the Work and Life you Love at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health 10/9 -10/13. 5 days with Tama in peak leaf changing season in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.