Too Many Ideas. Too Little Time? The Secret of Being Creatively Abundant

creativeabundanceI often hear this pain from creative visionaries.  Too many great ideas.  “There’s not enough time to get everything done,” they cry.

“There is enough time to get something done,” I say quietly.

Why focus on the minutes running out the door stealing brain cells, bits of sparkles, Pulitzer Prize winning screenplay plots and other plunder?  Look at what you are doing.  Look at what you can do.

It’s a blessing to be creatively abundant.

It’s a gift to have a thousand ideas and a thousand more.  You don’t have to chase them all or cash in all your chips.  You don’t have to build a shrine to every deity that slips you an inspired wink.

Creative abundance means you have more than enough.

And if you have more than enough– you’re set.  Even if diamonds slip through your hands.

Some ideas are springboards.  Some ideas are just passing through.  Some ideas collapse and fold into other projects.  Sometimes ideas whisper your name a thousand ways, in different tongues, shift different angles until you claim the nucleus and find the heart.  Some ideas will take you so deep that nothing else will ever matter in the same way again.  It only takes a moment to make an entire life worthwhile.

Don’t let creativity torture you.  You’re infinite and your ideas are infinite.

Enjoy the butterflies.  Enjoy the way the light hits the glass and casts a thousand colors.  Don’t try to capture every impression of the infinite.  Capture the one that really captures you.