Put on Your Nikes You Magical Athlete and Run Between the Worlds

I am forever fascinated with the work of inspired individuals. We who dare to create, express, heal or envision, dare to reach into the infinite and bend, blur, or eviscerate the nature of limits. No wonder, some of us fidget a bit at the barbecue, when someone else asks, “So what have you been doing lately?”
I was talking to a good friend the other night and she found an amazing phrase in the Bible.  She read that we are meant to be “the Administrators of the Mysteries of God.” Recently, I stumbled upon this gorgeous language in The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner. He says, “The shaman moves between realities, a magical athlete of states of consciousness engaged in mythic feats. The shaman is a middle man between ordinary reality and nonordinary reality.”  We are the magical athletes, the administrators of the divine, the ones who skip between worlds through dedication, bliss and surrender, and the ones who are changing this world every single day, by trusting our inspiration more than our frustration. I’d say God bless you all, but that’s already been done.
©2010 Tama J. Kieves     
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