Peace First. Passion Second: The Order of Turning Your Life Around

relaxPeace first.  Passion second.

It’s a simple recipe for a fully successful life.  Still, few cook it up.

Relax.  Forgive yourself.  Trust where you stand in your life right now.  Trust the crinkle-eyed Magician who lives and rejoices within.

From a place of self-love, self-knowledge comes.  Wonder resides.  Direction emerges.  Passion spreads its wings.  Air currents align.

The relaxed know how to fly.  Those who push to the front of the line, struggle to tear answers from their heads, count the seconds wasting from their lives, and blame their mothers, husbands, left wing leaders, muscle pain and lousy local economy– do not light upon genius.  If you’re pissed, you’re never blessed—especially if you’re angry at yourself.

Fear attracts fear.  Love attracts love.

And love doesn’t just muck around in striped flannel pajamas cherry picking channels.  Love starts

listening to inspiration.  Love receives the frequencies of a higher intelligence.  Love stirs hearts and beats the jungle drums around it. Revolutions start.  The world is never the same again.

Peace of mind is so underrated in a world of grasping achievers.  Yet it’s a portal.

It’s not passive or numbing.  It’s a different brain chemistry.  And a new orbit.  New galaxies, guaranteed.

Are you trying to push forward in something?

How would you feel about your situation if there was no urgency?

What if you didn’t feel guilty?

Relax for a second or a year.  What simple step emerges now…just for now?  There you go.

Peace first.  Passion second.