Overwhelm Comes from Doing What isn’t your Job to Do

With more information than ever coming down the pike, I see more people feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelm comes from doing what isn’t your job to do.

You’re not supposed to roll a ball uphill. It’s not your job to create magic. It’s not your job to figure out your whole life. It’s not your job.

It’s your job to listen. It’s your job to receive. It’s your job to sniff the ground, and pay attention to how you feel in this moment. It’s your job to stay honest. It’s your job to trust. It’s your job to do what you can to strengthen your faith in your own Beloved Guide or True Self, and belly laugh when you can.

It’s your job to notice the texture of the sky right now. It’s your job to love the people in front of you–yourself most preciously of all. When you’re calm and present, you know what to do in the moment. You know that on the deepest, truest levels, you are safe and all is well– and you don’t need to do a thousand things to be all right. Then you can do the one thing that speaks to you. You can obey your instincts, even when they don’t match your plan or the checklist that runs for miles—demanded by that barking cerebral cortex. It’s your job to redefine what you call intelligence or being proactive.

It’s your job to choose peace in this moment, or even for just an instant– allowing oxygen to return to your brain and bloodstream. It’s your job to “drop the balls,” and allow what’s real to remain. Abundance doesn’t come from doing everything you think you need to do. It comes from doing the one thing you are called to do right now.