Life Purpose Secret Strategy: Speak Your Desires, and Your Truth Emerges– and Nothing Prevails Against the Truth

truth“Talk only about your desires.  What you focus on, you strengthen.”  I often give these instructions in my Unleash Your Callingworkshops.  But of course, on weeknights, with my best girlfriend, when no one is paying me, and the moon hangs low, I allow myself to whine.  Well, just a little.

But the other night, I did the exercise I often assign in workshops.  I told my friend to keep me talking about what I loved, and not let me interrupt myself with why I thought I couldn’t have it.  She did her job and I did mine.  I spoke aloud my latest desires, dreams, and excitement for 8 minutes straight.  I did not say, “But I don’t know how to make it happen.”  I did not say “Of course, it’s unrealistic to want this to just fall into my lap like this.”  I did not focus on my past and former disappointments or the fact that I have dated men that have been locked up– so how could I think I know what to want?

Now keep in mind, before I began the exercise, I was not in a positive place.  I told my friend I was going to ignore “realistic” concerns about this particular desire.  I would turn off the sirens for 8 minutes.  I also told her, in very grave rational terms, just to get it off my chest, before I dived off the deep end, that my desire would sound inflated and hallucinatory.  I didn’t have high hopes for where this exercise would take me, and started feeling for all the students I’d ever inflicted it upon.  Nevertheless, I bravely suited up and trudged off into cotton candy land…

And I have to tell you what happened when I spoke about my desire, my dream, and my excitement.  When I spoke only, only, only these words, images and dreams, something changed in me.  When I spoke the words and described in detail what I wanted, it didn’t sound like cotton tail bunnies, pastel colors, and butterflies on a summer day.  Instead, the images felt like hammers descending on a nail.  They felt like doorways opening.  They felt solid and indigenous and inevitable.

I didn’t feel like I was speaking fantasies.  I felt like I was speaking prophecy.  I was speaking the truth.

When I finished speaking, my fears, my “realistic concerns” seemed insane.  The rocks and boulders and mountains that had previously defined my landscape seemed like mice pellets at best.  I was filled with mission.  I was steeped in clarity.  I was hopped up on love, possibility, and the reality of the reality that lived within me.  I was a hundred feet tall, and everything I desired was already done.  I was just describing the inevitable.

Yeah, baby, it’s true.

Love is more real than fear.  Truth is truth is truth.  When you step into your expanded self, it doesn’t sound “realistic,” because we live in a world that worships limitations more than inspiration.  Well, it’s not “realistic” but it’s real.  There is nothing more real than this.