Let The Calling Surprise you Every Time

innocenceDid you know that the word amateur comes from the Latin root meaning “to love?”

To love, we must become innocent.

You’re not supposed to do the work you love stringently. You’re not supposed to pursue your dreams with careful strategy. Maybe you’re not even supposed to know what you’re doing, until you do it.

Become an amateur. Forget the standards and judgments. Remember the unfiltered joy.

Following a calling means you’re meant to stumble here and there, loosen up on your mind’s need to make snap conclusions and close all the doors, before they open.

Drop your bags filled with demands. Wallow in sweetness, or don’t come to the party. Experience the new– as a new person in a new time- every time. Keep discovering with wide eyes. That’s the pay off of following true desire.

Love wipes the slate clean— or it isn’t love.