Inspired Work: Working Harder is the Lazy Way to Go

owlIt’s lazy-minded to work harder.

It’s the old way.  It’s what you know.  It gives you the feeling of accomplishing something, getting somewhere, and you know, being in control.  Ooh la la.

Only it doesn’t work on an inspired path. Churning things out is not the same thing as burning with desire.  Going through the motions is going through the motions. It’s not going through turnstiles.  It’s not going through stories, veils, stratospheres, and galaxies.  It’s not going through your fears and loving yourself into a freedom that has no limits.  It’s just action.  And action is just so passé.  It’s yesterday’s fashion choice.

Here’s what every spiritual devotee will be wearing this season.  She will be wearing herself lightly.  She will be feeding her soul, tending her secret fires, worshipping the unseen, and working as guided.

She will not take action.  She will be action.  She will be a consequence in her own right.  She will toll the bell from the core of her being and the bell will ring for all to hear. She will alight on something and throw herself into it, not out of addiction and obligation but out of liberation and expression.  She will let action take her.  By the time she acts, she will know the outcome.  She’s merely handing in her ticket.

You think it’s “lazy” to not work.  Let me tell you it takes mighty discipline to pay attention to what you feel as though it matters.  It takes dedication to listen, even when the fears are howling your name, pelting you with scraps of desperation, and everyone passes you buy hustling towards the end result.  It’s not easy to want a different result, to want the result of peace and success, freedom and security.  You want the whole package.  That means you will have to serve the ways of wholeness. It’s more challenging in the beginning, more fruitful in the end.

Don’t fall into habit.  Don’t walk the grooves that are easy to walk because they validate you for working so hard.  It’s easier to work hard than to trust the soul’s strange new counsel.  Can you let go of control and predictable validation and embrace intangible assurance?  This is the quest.  The path of ease is not an easy path.  It emanates from deepening trust.  And it will change your vibration, your perspective, and how you see yourself.  The joys you know will be different, and cannot be taken away.

Here’s a visual that might work for you– as it does for me.  It’s from A Course in Miracles: “Who would attempt to fly with the tiny wings of a sparrow when the mighty power of an eagle has been given him?”

In other words, stop pecking away, if you want to soar.  You don’t want small-minded success, even though it seems “big” in the world.  Precious, soul-friend— you want to fly.