Inspiration has Answers for the Problems you Can’t Solve

Step into a new country of inspiration. Inspiration answers your unsolvable problems. It does it by going into a state of being where the problems are dwarfed and seen as contribution, triggers of grace, and mere dots on a wide open sky. It does it by turning the problems on their pointy little heads.
You are distracted by your problems. You are looking at them, analyzing them, figuring them out, and even getting advice about them. But here’s what you’re not doing. You’re not questioning: WHO is looking at the problem? Inspiration takes you into a higher state of awareness and mind in which your perspective shifts. Your energy shifts, your capabilities shift and your clarity shifts. You don’t have to change your circumstances. Allow your circumstances to change you. Become the being to whom this is not a problem.
You are only seeing a problem because you are not seeing who you really are.
What if you knew you had other powers? What if you looked at things as though you had infinite power, grace, and creativity? You’d see things differently. Now, what if when you saw these things differently, you realized your true identity? Isn’t that a trip? You see things from how you see yourself. If you change how you saw things, you’d change how you saw yourself. If you change how you see yourself, you’d change how you saw things. It’s inspired baby.