I Have a New Way to Help You Find Your Passion

tamaFinding your passion isn’t like finding your keys.

It’s not a one- time event.  It’s not a concrete task.  Rotate tires.  Pick up skim milk.  Find passion.  Touch the face of God.  Check.

It’s a way of thinking.  A series of affirming decisions.  A vibration.  It’s a way of committing to yourself in your lifetime— consistently making subtle, yet spectacular choices that allow the floodgates of joy to open into your life.  It’s a way of leaving the anchor, the fear, and the mundane behind.

Get intimate with yourself again.  Learn who you really are and the power you hold.
Finding your passion… and living it… is all about inviting yourself to the party– and discovering a version of yourself who has been waiting for you all along.

And speaking of invitations, I’m just a tad bit of wildly excited because I have a new program to offer that does not involve you getting on a plane to see me or spending thousands or even hundreds of dollars.

In fact, I’m writing to you now, because I’m offering a $100.00 discount if you sign up in the next few days.  (With this discount, this month long program will cost less than one individual coaching session with me.)

I’m launching my Passion Finder Group Coaching Program: Unleash Your Calling , a month long program that begins (February 2nd 2012) LIVE with me– in your living room.  Let’s do this together.  I want to support you weekly in changing the way you think and act—and create some lasting, life-changing, extraordinary experiences in your life.  There will be breakthrough dynamic  teaching conversations, passionate assignments, guided meditations, soul-powered strategies, group interaction, energy and co-creative magic, and of course individual question and answers galore.  It’s all recorded, too, so if you miss a week, you don’t miss a beat. It’s going to be FUN— and ridiculously effective.

You can accomplish more than you could ever imagine…with the right encouragement and support.

Isn’t it time?

I hope you’ll reserve your space now, take advantage of the discount, and start riding the wave of knowing you’ve made this commitment to yourself. There is no substitute for not living your dreams. There is no greater security.

I’m talking about less than $200.00 to spend a month with me and the creative, intelligent, soul searching- go for it tribe—who are already lining up for this program.

Find out more Here:


And now we resume our regularly scheduled life. But only for a little bit…

With my love and blessings,


P.S. If you’ve taken a program with me in the past, this is a great way to re-ignite the energy.  You already know how it feels to be inspired, alive, and supported—and what that can do for you in your life!

P.P.S. Know a friend or loved one who could benefit from this program?  Sign them up with you…and take another $25.00 off!! (type it into the Notes Field of the shopping cart and we’ll apply the discount)