How to Make A Dynamite Decision

decisionI wrote this email to a former client and thought I’d share it with you. Sorry, I left out her gory details.

Hello Beautiful (Fill in your Name Here!),

I feel your angst and wish I had magic words to soothe you. Actually, I do.

I know that nothing you choose or do not choose right now will make a difference in your ultimate destiny.

Every Decision Works. It’s All Progress

Your walk is with Inspired Guidance and you are safe and loved in ALL choices. To our everyday minds, the details and choices seem paramount. But to your soul and your heart, everything is learning. Everything is juice. Everything equals progress. Everything can be healed. And you can always begin again. What you learn is more important than what you choose.

What Motivates the Decision Determines the Outcome

But in all decisions, I’d question what the motivation is…is it fear or excitement? Caution or strength? Protection or Love? Is it from your smaller self or your expanding one? And if you were relaxed, and sure that everything would work out, what kinds of choices would you make then? Who is the decision maker? That’s whose journey you’ll be going on. And if you can’t choose from your ideal self yet,

that’s okay. Just know that’s what we’re aiming for, and getting as close as we can get. Meanwhile have kindness and mercy for yourself.

Don’t Try to Decide More than You can Decide

Good News/Bad News: You can’t figure out your whole life. That’s beyond the scope of this decision. Just look at what feels right for you right now. You only get a next step. The next step is what answers the current question, the question of this moment. That’s it. When you need another step, you’ll get it.  Each step gives you perspective. Each step transforms you. As you change, you’ll see new steps.

Finally, I’d always say follow your energy more than your logic. Follow the nudge, the sparkle, the one that makes you feel good. Another decision may make you feel smart or prepared. But I want you to feel  good, sweet, exhilarated, or moved. Choose what chooses you!

Dear One, just know that you are LOVED and SAFE. Bless yourself. Bless your situation. Bless every decision you make. Sending extra love and blessings your way, Tama

So how do YOU make decisions??