How I Got On Oprah Radio-and How You Can Tap the Most Important Power in Your Life

I will be on Oprah Radio, doing a show on“Unleashing Your Calling,” on the Lisa Oz Show, hosted by Lisa Oz, an extraordinary interviewer and powerful wife of Dr. Mehmet Oz.  These are times you can tune in on satellite radio Sirius 204 or XM 111. (You can listen to it on your computer, iPad, compatible internet radios or a smartphone.   You need to be subscribed to SiriusXM in order to listen.  You can try it free for 30 days. Visit for details.)  Unfortunately, these shows are not archived, so you can’t listen later.

  • Wednesday May 18th at 4:00 a.m. ET and 12:00 p.m. ET
  • Saturday May 21st at 4:00 a.m. ET
  • Sunday May 22nd at 1:00 p.m. ET

I flew into New York City to record the interview in the studio behind a discrete silver door near Columbus Circle. I had to claw my way past a St. Patrick’s Day parade to get there.  But that’s not really how I got on the air.

Here’s the back story.

I write “vision statements” for myself. They’re not as cheesy as affirmations, or as simplistic as “The Secret,” though I’m sure some of my Harvard Law School colleagues might miss the refinement.

Anyway, I write these statements of things I want to experience in my life and I read them daily, as in daily on days I remember or don’t have too much resistance.

Anyway, I had this part in my overall vision piece which I read aloud to myself that said, “Absolutely everything I need to experience is happening right now.  The powers that be, such as Oprah, aligned media, leaders, teachers, visionaries are reaching, seeking, and finding me now.  Their great gifts recognize my great gifts and we work together effortlessly.”

One day, while reading that section, I became aware of a sort of uncomfortable feeling I’d had every time I’d read the piece.  I realized I’d been reading the piece for months, but not really paying attention to a sad, low-note feeling.  So little do-it-yourself shaman that I am, I started inquiring deeper with awareness.  I realized I didn’t like the phrase “the powers that be.”  I realized “the powers that be” put the power outside of myself.  It externalized my destiny.  It made me feel a million miles away from the big sun and moon and cheese.  It made me feel helpless, and a shade of desperate.

I hold “the powers that be” in my life, I resolved.  And more than that, Spirit is the POWER, and only “powers that be” operating in my life at all times.  For me, every person and incident is simply an extension of Spirit in my life.  There is nothing but Spirit, nothing but love.

I realized I didn’t believe that anything happened by accident or could even occur because I’d gotten lucky and some producer or editorial assistant noticed my work, even in if they worked in a far off office in Chicago in a mythical universe called Harpo land.  I believe I am always loved by Spirit and I will always have what I need.  The Universe is the only power there is, and my awareness of that power is the only channel I need.  And so I struck the phrase “powers that be” from my vision statement.  Now it read like this: “Oprah, aligned media, leaders, teachers, visionaries are reaching, seeking and finding me now.  Their great gifts recognize my great gifts and we work together effortlessly.”  I read it aloud and it felt good and right and true.

And, I kid you not, just days later I received an email with this heading: Oprah Radio.  The email read: “Hi Tama!  I’m on the production team for The Lisa Oz Show on Oprah Radio.  I’d love to chat with you about unleashing your calling.”

Wow.  I am the power of my life.  You are the power of your life.  There are no big bad wolves out there keeping you from your destiny.  Nothing is blocked.  Take your power into your own hands.  Take the hand of the Power that loves you more than you know how to love yourself.  There is no power in the world that has any power over Spirit.

Are you giving your power away to statistics?  experts?  history?  other people?  Take back your attention and infinite strength.