Get Out of the Fire and Then Create One

I was talking to a client the other day, dealing with a challenge: pick one from the imaginary hat: health, money, relationship, bad karma, lack of faith, alien abduction, other, or all of the above.
Okay, so while she’s dealing with this issue, this very stressful issue…, she starts questioning what she wants to do for her career, how she will create it and market it, where she might live, how to navigate her old patterns, how to invent new patterns and…. only I interrupted. I’m not fond of allowing a pained, stressful mind to be the resource and divination system from which to seek the answers of life’s most important questions.
This is what I told her and I’ll tell you. If you’re in the middle of a fire, get out of the fire. Then breathe. Return to the part of you that is not at risk, not threatened, not quaking with adrenaline. Do not decide who you are and what you can have while your heart rate is high and your creativity and joy is low.
You wouldn’t ask someone running out of a burning building, smoke in their lungs: hey what do you plan on doing now? How will you raise your daughter? How will you finish school or cope with your boss or follow your bliss or make money at that? You’d get them to safety. You’d get them to sanity. And if it were me, I’d get them to joy and gratitude and the feeling of being infinitely loved and guided. Then I might ask them a question. Because then, and only then, they might have an answer worth listening to.