The First Ones Never Fit In: Feeling Different, Feeling Called

DreamtimeEver feel like you’re weird?

Like somehow you don’t fit?

Like you want something more from life than a red SUV or custom tiles in the bathroom? Hey, it’s cool to want something more from life– and chocolate brown Spanish adobe tiles in your bathroom. Let’s not be crazy or anything.

But here’s what I want you to know. You don’t fit in, because you didn’t come here to fit in. You didn’t rush to planet Earth just to be a lemming or get to the mall.

Your soul said, I’ll go first. I’ll call it. I won’t get distracted by “the shoulds,” the promises, and the baubles. I’ll seek the true strength. I’ll hunt the light. I’ll remember this time. I’ll know there’s something more and I won’t rest until I find it. I’ll be one of the ones who goes first.

You weirdo. You’re a visionary. You’re a change agent. You’re a beacon. You’re a pioneer. You’re on the fringes of the bell curve, changing the ratio of our mass consciousness as we speak. And I thank you. And I bless you. And I join you.

I found this quote by Bialik in Hebrew at an art fair. I read the translation and smiled within. It made some of the emotional isolation worth it. The confusion and the clawing through the darkness, knowing there was something else.

“Behold, you’ve found the good, the gold and orange. You were the first ones to face the sunlight.”

Thanks for going first.