Finding Your Calling is Not a One Time Shot

job-seekerOprah said that finding your calling is the most important thing you will do in your life.  I’ve said it too, but hey, you’ll listen to Oprah.  In saying this, the Queen of Hope opened the doors of possibilities for so many.  And the doors of neurosis, too. Because now the hunt is on.

Someone on my Facebook Fan Page recently said she “felt like a retard” because she couldn’t find her calling.  She’d taken assessments.  She’d seen numerologists.  She’d read books.  She answered questionnaires.  She meditated.  She almost levitated.  But in the end, I think she was inundated with the search.

When people come to my retreats on Unleash Your Calling: Create the Work and Life You Love, I often tell them you’re probably not going to leave this retreat knowing that you’re a candlestick maker or a lawyer or even an animal communicator.  If I’m doing my job right, I’m not assigning you a label.  Instead, I’m helping you rip off all the old labels and constructs of how your life is supposed to be.  I’m not helping you find a static identity as much as I’m helping you pay attention to The Call moment by moment in your life.  If I can help you do this, (and I can by the way,) you will touch and give birth to a life that defies definition, may make you yelp out loud with gratitude, and feels solid to the core.  I want you to come from love instead of fear.  I want you to die to old stories and limitations and awaken a new clarity before you answer old questions with recycled information.


This is what I wrote to Iris on my Facebook page.  “I’m thinking you’re putting too much pressure on yourself to have a big light bulb flash, instead of having your heart open gradually and for all time, letting out the gorgeous Iris-light in there.”  I want to say that to you, too. Stop looking for the one big Roman Candle in the sky.  Start paying attention to the fireflies, the little moments of light and freedom in your life.  Finding your calling is all about relaxing and letting go of fearful, tired, thoughts. It’s letting go of pressure.  It’s letting go of assumptions.  It’s letting go of timelines.  It’s letting go of the idea that what you find has to “make sense” to a part of your brain that has made you miserable and could not find joy if it were gift wrapped, labeled, and doctor recommended.

Your calling will find you, when you find you.  You will find your real self with abundant self-love, self-permission, encouragement, freedom, play, commitment to a path of connecting to a Higher Intelligence, and unconditional curiosity.   InThis Time I Dance! Create the Work You Love, I said “There’s nothing to choose.  Just something to set loose.”  And really, it’s about setting yourself loose again and again.  Because finding your calling isn’t a one-time shot.  It’s a lifelong commitment to loving yourself, dropping conventional standards, and learning to step into the amazing life of trusting your present desires and unorthodox intelligence– and following the call.

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