Finding Happiness that Does Not Leave– Living in Creative Abundance

colorYour creativity is not frivolous.  It’s an inescapable directive.  Thank God.  You are designed to be happy.

We live in a left-brained, results-oriented commercially-minded world.  We also live in a world that is largely unhappy.  Many want to get everything squared away in their lives, before they take delight.  Still something in all of us wants to break free now, wants to yell at the top of a mountain, and step out of ordinary time into the wonder of alive-time.

That desire to “get squared away,” and accomplish goals may come from the conditioning to get, get, get.  Yet every spiritual text tells us it’s in the giving that we receive.

Creative people who follow their passions are happy people.  Some may not own fancy cars or estates, though others do.  Yet here’s the payoff.  You will never see that kind of sloppy grin, that big reedy happiness in other people.  You will never touch the skies, by clipping your wings.

Here’s the sexy white hot truth about creativity.  It’s a religious experience.  It’s a transcendental adventure.  It’s the losing of the daily self and entering the magic kingdom.  You come back bigger.  You come back satiated.  You come back sweeter.  You come back with wings and fins and new toes that seek for higher ground.  You never come back the same.

We don’t crave possessions– nearly as much as we want to be possessed by fire, mystery, and love.

I love this Chinese Proverb: “If you want an hour’s happiness, get drunk.  If you want three days happiness, take a wife.  If you want three month’s happiness, kill a pig and eat it for three months.  But if you want to be happy all of your life, be a gardener.”

Be a gardener.  Sow the seeds you alone possess.  Step into the dimension of aliveness.  Watch your capabilities, reach, and soul grow.  Nurture others with these gifts.  Cars can break down.  Homes can burn.  Stocks can fall.  But the joy of creative expression can never be taken away.  Once you experience timelessness, a part of you is changed for all time.

What do you want to create?  What wants to come through you at this time?  What thoughts, directives, questions, or memories spring to mind as you read this?