The End of Overwhelm: Acceptable, Blessed & Unstoppable No Matter What

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I want you to give yourself permission to…flounder, get divorced again, file for bankruptcy, take a part-time job to make ends meet, not blog, gain 10 pounds, flub an interview, or acquiesce to a humbled, tired body.  What would be unthinkable to you?  Unforgiveable?  This is the fear that holds you hostage.  This is the attachment.  These aren’t standards. They are limitations on your love.

Give yourself permission to be—acceptable, blessed, and unstoppable— no matter what.

It is this unconditional acceptance that allows the first soft ray of light to break through the isolation and terror of self-condemnation.  Unconditional acceptance pulls the plug on anxiety.  This is better than Xanax, friends.  It is this acceptance that blunts the blade at your throat, quiets a tornado, and allows a warm spring breeze to waft through an encrusted window.  It is this acceptance that is mercy and vigor.  It is this acceptance that is divine, and emboldens you to show up in your big full vulnerable human heart, a heart that can offer magic to this world.

As we screech through these times of raising the bar on our lives, I’m asking you to “lower your expectations” of yourself and your timelines.  The world is asking you to run faster.  I’m asking you to dance slower.  I’m asking you to be truly great, by allowing yourself to be less than great, and radically advocating yourself anyway.  I see this wildness in my clients, a desperation to get things done.  I know their healing comes from being undone, undoing the maniac within that wants results more than it wants life itself.  Believe me, I would never ask you to let go of your highest dreams.  I am asking you to let go of your exacting expectations of what you need to do or be to get there.  Life is so much bigger than your constructs or timelines.  Lower your expectations, and allow this life to surprise you with support. Don’t ever give up desires; give up your scarcity thinking and need. Really, I am asking you to give up reasons for withholding love from yourself.

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