A Declaration of Independence for the Free Soul

FireworkThis Independence Day, why not write your own Declaration of Independence?

What do you want to declare or break free from? I want to break free from holding back my power. I no longer want to live with only my low beams on. I want to shine so unequivocally that others decide to abandon their own shadow choices. I want to break away from the undermining thinking of the “realistic” world — and choose some independent thinking, some firecracker, celebrating, birth-giving thoughts. Here’s an excerpt from my DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Want to come and live in my country?

As of this very second, I allow myself to be blessed.

I allow myself to be uncorked, unabashed, and showered with delicious good in every facet of my life.

I don’t need to fit in anymore, in the world of struggling, suffering, complaining, belittling. I am going nova and that’s okay. I am willing to have things be easeful and brimming with sheer wonder and I am willing to deserve this. None of us deserve this. That’s why it’s grace. It’s not about deserving. It’s about allowing Spirit to love and give to us.

Spirit, I am willing to allow you to give to me now. My work here doesn’t have to be oppressive. I don’t have to plod up hill anymore, dimming my song, or accepting crumbs and crusts and bowing my head. I can keep my heart wide-open and parade through wide-open doors in a welcoming world. I believe you want every golden circumstance for me. I believe you want me to experience more fun, jubilance, connection, generosity, nurturance, and synchronicity than ever before. I believe you want me to know your nature and your nature is not one of limitation or punishment or lack of any kind. I believe there are doorways to your kindness that I haven’t opened yet. There are oceans and skies I couldn’t see because I subscribed to the map of the world. There is honey I’ve never tasted, bounty not of this realm. But I am willing now to let go of the familiar and allow your unparalleled love.

I am willing to let go of what I think is possible or right or worldly or to be expected—and I am willing to allow you to dream through me, dance through me, breathe through me, grace through me, vibrate through me, peace through me, burst through me, light through me, laugh through me, gleam through me, dream through me. I am willing to co-create with you and I am now willing to no longer limit your power with silly, tired thoughts about my own. I am no longer willing to shape your destiny by crunching mine into a little ball of stunted possibilities.

Finally, I am willing to allow myself to be cherished and loved and nourished wherever I go and in whatever I do and it’ s not too much to ask for, it is barely enough, because there are so many dimensions of goodness and promise that I have yet to experience. The more I allow myself to receive—the more I can open up to receiving and giving my true love to this world as I have never given before.