Career Transition Tip: Claim the Joy of Not Having Clarity

So many of us feel awkward with career transition– or transition of any kind.  Yet the most exquisite lives stem from great adventures. That means there will times when you don’t have set answers. Those are also times when you are the most free and available to sudden genius or reinvention. In This Time I Dance! Creating the Work you Love (Tarcher/Penguin) I said, “You don’t have a Label but You do Have a Ticket.”
“And gradually process became a good thing, a desirable thing, even an enviable position. Because I came to the realization that, while I no longer had a label, I did have a ticket, a ticket to anywhere I wanted to go with my life. I didn’t just have a blank hole on my resume. I had a blank canvas.  I could say yes to any desire, dance partner, sunbeam, hope, heartthrob, divine invitation, or adventure that crossed my path. Something would come. And meanwhile, I stood in an open field with all the stars above my head and my brazen arms wide open, unconditional, and I knew that I stood in exactly the right place where magic could find me. My vulnerability was the secret to my flexibility, and flexibility meant that I could move like tumbleweed on the wings of a heaven-sent wind. That wind would blow.”
—from This Time I Dance! Creating the Work you Love
So here’s my tip for you:  Relish the opportunity in the unknown. Enjoy discovering yourself and your present life. The more open you are, the more easily you find the answers that lead you to your biggest life.
Inquiry: Can you think of a time when you “not knowing” was fun or productive? (Maybe like having a gift certificate to spend, but not knowing what you wanted yet?)

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