Career Coaching Advice: Make Speedy Headway. Get Out of Your Head.

scienceLife is more than you imagine.  Please stop waiting to live.

On an inspired path, we do not find clarity by waiting to find clarity.  We move when we’re guided.  And we let the new experience guide us further.  We always need “live” information. Then we can make a determination.

There is no synergy in a vacuum.  You can ponder for a lifetime—I’d rather you jump into the pond—even for an hour.  You know it’s not reckless to try something.  It’s conscientious. It’s responsible.  It’s the only way to secure up to the minute accurate and meaningful information.

Even science works this intangible way, only they use sexy valid scientific names like hypothesis or experimentation.  And then of course all is well.  All is ordered.  But really it’s not too much different than throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks, or just following the old world divination sticks of instinct.

For example a doctor might treat a patient with a “drug protocol.”  They don’t say, “We have no Goddamn clue for how your cells will react on this Tuesday to this onslaught of drugs and chemicals.”  But they know they need to know.  So do you.

That’s why I’m suggesting you do a “protocol” and try something out in your life. Try writing for an hour on Wednesday night, avoiding negative thoughts about your co-workers on Monday, taking that part-time job on Tuesday, taking a salsa dancing class, signing up for an entrepreneurial success program, or ditching a program you started.  Try something out.

You don’t have to make something work– something will work for you.  It’s about paying attention.  It’s about trusting your body and soul to let you know.  Scientists study the reactions and results.  So do we.  But you have to have something to interact with, other than a theory.  A theory isn’t even a freckle on the nose of real life.

And by the way, the other reason you want to test things out in life, rather in the worthless laboratory of your mind, is this: the limited should not be the one who defines the unlimited.  That means you don’t always know where your best answers are.  That’s why we pay attention to hunches and sparkles even when we have no proof.  You don’t need proof.  You need a suggestion.  You need an invitation. And then you need to check it out with your life.

Find out what’s true for you.  Get muddy, get affected, get out of your head and into your life.  It’s where the answers are.  And they are healing and wonderful beyond your imagination.

What can you try today?