Career Change Coaching: Do You Really Want a Match Made in Heaven?

People ask me how I work as a career coach.
I’m thinking they want hard cold facts. But this is what some part of me wants to say:
I am not really a career coach. I am a witch doctor. I am a logical sorceress, or a twisted astronomer. I want to help you see stars. I want you to question the nature of the Universe. I want to help you take off your skin and walk around in the animal skin you have always known that beats with a heart that roars in the night.
I help students and clients taste and reclaim who they really are. I help them betray their false selves once and for all and burst out into a color the world has never seen. I take them to the brink of wonder, and push them over if I can. I make them call to the One Who Loves them with original, unconditional, unbridled love. I make them forgive themselves for turning their back on their power and unrepeatable calling. I make them fall to their knees and witness to the beauty and holiness of their true self.
I want you to know the world has been waiting for one such as you and you are waiting for the world as well. It was always a match made in heaven.
Oh, and then we can start talking about your career goals…