California Dreaming: Getting Unstuck, Alive and Free

I guess I’m so cliché. I had to go to California to “find myself.” If you’ve read my book This Time I Dance! Creating the Work you Love you know I changed my career, my life, and even my relationship to the cosmic, after sitting in front of an ocean. But where do Californians go to find themselves? I’m hoping to one of the really affordable and wildly fun workshops on “Unleashing Your Calling: Create the Work and Life you Love” I’ll be offering in San Diego on March 1st or in Los Angeles (Culver City) on March 6th.  If you love anyone in California, do let them know about these events, and I promise you, they will howl with glee when they talk to you about their experience.

Let me take you back in time with me. I sat on a beach in California, and felt fury and frustration as I watched some young adults play with a beach ball. They laughed with freedom. I wanted to wring their necks. Of course, I didn’t really want to kill anyone. I just, maybe, wanted them to suffer some like me– for empathy only– especially the really happy thin blondes. I was not well. I had come to the beach, fleeing my life in Denver, Colorado. Every day, I choked back tears walking past the receptionist, and ducked into my office where I’d begin the agonizing battle to keep my life and identity as a corporate lawyer intact. That beach ball smacked around, and the waves crashed.  I couldn’t remember the last time I played in life. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d done something “unproductive,” like sit in front of an ocean and behold beauty. That “unproductive” time led to the most important decisions and accomplishments in my life. That anger led to the sublime joy I feel today. And the desire to remove pain from everyone I meet.

And…. that beach ball led me to being the opening keynote speaker at the Integration Conference for the Centers of Spiritual Living this comingSunday February 27th, Oscar night. I’m excited to be speaking to an entire audience of people who are committed to awakening the spirit in others. I tell you it’s surreal. It’s a far cry from suing people. Then I’ll be offering my workshop Unleashing Your Calling: Create the Work and Life You Love in San Diego and also at Michael Beckwith’s Agape International Spiritual Center. I LOVE gathering creative, intelligent, amazing people together in one room, kicking up the energy and support, and creating a sacred space in which we ask and answer the most important questions anyone can ask in their lifetimes. I want to set off fireworks every time I see the shifts that people make in just a few short hours.  I always leave, feeling a mixture of “mission accomplished,” or “you can take me now God, cause it can’t get better than this.”

If you can’t join me in California, you can be asking yourself, how can I play this week? Or, maybe, how can I offer my life as a prayer this week? It’s really the same question. I so want you to be everything you’re meant to be in this lifetime. You deserve to feel free and alive and to pay your bills without strain and I’m here to tell you it’s possible. I’m kicking a beach ball in your direction.