Star Gazing

I was in church today at Unity Church of Overland Park, and found myself moved beyond comprehension by your message. Throughout the hour, I found myself squeezing my husband’s hand as every story of your personal history unfolded, finding strange similarities in almost each one. No, I did not graduate from Harvard Law, but earlier this year I felt something calling me. I knew there was something that I was supposed to do but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I prayed and meditated, prayed and meditated, and prayed and meditated some more and my answer was the same as the first one you recieved; Write poetry! To which I had about the same response as you did. “What the hell? Doens’t God know I have bills to pay and two children to feed?” I decided to do it anyway, which led to a blog about balancing mind, body, and spirit, which led to me saying to my husband one evening, “I think I am writing a book.”
You spoke today about moments where you are faced with a decision, to follow your inner voice- follow love, or follow fear. Unknowingly I have been dealing with that myself the last few days. Your lesson today was a whisper to my soul to keep going, that I am on the right path, that even though I know nothing about this industry, that I will be led, and I can trust my own inner guidance. I rushed home and googled you, as any 30 year old would do, and was led to your blog, which was yet another whisper to my soul. Thank you for your words and for your Spirit. It would truly mean the world to me if you checked out my site. My heart and mind are focused back on gazing at the stars above, knowing that the Divine knows what I may not, that Spirit sees what I cannot see, and that love will create a path for me that will absolutely blow my mind! Thank you!