Do you feel stuck in your career and life? Do you have desires that you’ve spent your whole life wishing you could focus on and thrive? Do you find that the path your life is on is exhausting and no fun?

Life is far too short to waste it stuck in careers that go nowhere, to be living lives that aren’t fulfilling, and being filled with unhappiness. But how to you break the daily routine and change your life for the better? How long do you continue to live an unhappy life and work at a draining career before you wake up and realize that you need to make a big change in your life to achieve happiness?

No one is alone in the quest for a fulfilling and meaningful life and career. Every day, thousands of people go through a daily routine that does not uplift them and fulfill them, but rather drains the life out of them. Why would anyone want to live life this way?

The problem is that many individuals are unaware of how to take control of their life, change their careers, and do something positive in their life. Other individuals fear that if they step out of their comfort zone and make a big change, they’ll fail and end up with more problems than they originally faced, whether that be financial problems, their new career didn’t work out, or they did not find the happiness they were wishing to find.

Do Something About Your Life Today!

If you wake up every morning dreading the outcome of the day, it’s time make some big changes in your life! No matter what it is that is causing your daily unhappiness, whether it be your career, your relationships, or your desire to reach out and do something, nothing is worth sacrificing your happiness. Life is far too short to spend a single day forcing yourself to do something you do not want to do. After all, insanity is partaking in the same behaviors and activities, and expecting a different outcome.

Awakening Artistry is here to be your guide to making the necessary changes in your life to find fulfillment, enrichment, and happiness. Through life coaching, workshops, and inspiration literature and articles, Awakening Artistry was created with the vision of aiding individuals in following their dreams and living to their true potential. Many people find that their career is what deteriorates their life the most, which affects just about every aspect of our lives. For many people, when they change their career, they change their life, so please read further to understand the options you have for support for a successful and efficient Career Change.

What everyone needs to realize is that we are in complete control of every aspect of our lives, so it’s time to start using that control!

How Awakening Artistry Began

Tama Kieves, a graduate from Harvard University, was working as a successful lawyer. From an outside perspective, anyone would think that she had everything in life: a good education, intelligence, success, and a good career. But through all her achievements and milestones, there was one thing missing: happiness in life.

One day, Tama woke up and realized that despite the success in her life, she simply could not go another day living out her daily routines that brought her not fulfillment. With her new found perspective on life, Tama quit her career and went on to follow her dreams and do something she was truly passionate about. Like everyone who has made the leap to quit a career in pursuit of something more fulfilling, Tama was filled with all the questions that anyone going through a big life change asks: What am I doing? Will I fail? How will this transition change my life? 

Tama came to the realization that if she was successful in a career she didn’t want to be in, how successful could she be doing something she actually wanted to do? After this realization, Tama has dedicated her life to following her passions and helping others to achieve their goals.

Read further about Tama’s Life and Inspirations or read further about the Work being done through Awakening Artistry.

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What You’ll Find at Awakening Artistry

Tama began her journey by writing her book, This Time I Dance. Her book discusses her aspirations for life, her inspirations to make the changes, and how her life has transformed after making some major changes in her life. Her book has been widely successful, inspiring everyone who has read it. Based on the popularity of her book, Tama went on tour across the US and even in Canada to discuss her writings.

In addition to her written work, Tama has become a successful life coach, actively helping others to achieve their goals in life and make efficient changes to find happiness. Tama does coaching through videos and writings, face-to-face sessions, or even telephone discussions. Her passion to help others to achieve what she has achieved in life is very evident in her ability to compassionately listen to individuals and offer advice catered to their ambitions and desires.

Do you have some life changes you want to make, but don’t know where to begin? Find out how Tama’s Life Coaching can help you reach your life goals and happiness!

Want to l!

earn more about making effective changes in your life? In addition to reading Tama’s great books or receiving great advice through life coaching, there are numerous Retreats and Workshops anyone can attend. Check out further details of each event and see what events will be in your area!

Do you feel like you’re unsure if you want to make the necessary changes in your life and don’t want to commit to a retreat or a workshop? Do you still need a little more inspiration to pursue your dreams and fulfill your goals? Check out these Free Resources available to everyone and get inspired today to make the changes in your life!
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Failure is not trying something and have it not work out. Failure is never trying.